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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Last night about 9:45 p.m. my phone rang....I recognized it to be Melissa's number so I answered it (probably some crazy way since I knew it was her...), however, the voice I heard on the other end wasn't was Kensley. That is nothing new, Kensley likes to talk on the phone a lot now days, like everytime we call her mom or dad (not complaining! LOVE that!), actually, Kensley LOVES to talk whether you're on the phone or, and spell...and spell...and spell some more....especially all of our names...haha. Back to the story....I had just left Kensley, had been with her for several hours so I thought it was odd they were calling but when I said "Hello," she said, "Hey Sissy, I moved my left leg." And I said, "YOU DID WHAT???" and she said, "My mama told me to kick my left leg and I did, up to my head, and I might get to walk soon!" Now, I'm really having a hard time believing that she kicked her leg up to her head but I do believe she was right in the fact that she is now MOVING her leg when you ask her to! So of course we proceed to tell her what an AWESOME accomplishment that is and then she had to tell Kylee of course. So just to be sure this was for real (yes, it's such an amazing thing that I needed to be reassured), I called her again this morning. And guess what?! She is still kicking her leg and moving it when she is told to! WOW. It's an amazing feat but it happened so simply and so quick. Yep, think she'll be walking soon! Marty

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