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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Smiles Keep Coming

What BIG steps Miss Kens has taken this week! She has had a very busy week with a strict and strenuous therapy schedule. Earlier in the week came THE HUG (see previous post :)), and now tonight, look at this face - have you seen anything this precious in a while?? Kensley's cousin (who could really be her sister) Keelie climbed up in the bed messing with her, and this is what happened along with laughing noises!!!

Everywhere I go, someone asks, "How is Kensley? Is she awake?" We are all waiting, watching, praying and believing that God's miracle is working in this precious baby's life. We have NO DOUBT of that!!! Right now, she is responding more, becoming more active, starting to focus on things like the TV, and showing expressions and making noises along with this. This is a HUGE step from where we were 13 days ago in Florida praising God that the tubes were all out. What is necessary from all of God's children now is to continue to pray the prayer of faith without ceasing now, as much as we did when she was clinging to life almost a month ago. She is making baby steps every day - Praise the Lord for baby steps!!!! With this thought, we all also know that if it is God's will, He could allow her to just "wake" up tomorrow with no lasting side effects. We also know that it may be His will to travel the longer path to the same outcome. Whatever His will, it is perfect!!!!
"Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us."
Romans 8:37

"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."
Isaiah 40:31

While we wait, we praise Him for where we are and where we know we will be!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warm Fuzzies

Want a smile this morning?? Check this out - Melissa bent over to hug Kensley last night and Kensley threw her arm around Melissa's neck by herself!! I've got chill bumps! Mommys out there know what a hug from your babies can do - we can only IMAGINE what Melissa felt!!!!

Keep praying - she is showing more movement and signs of becoming more alert!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Help in the Time of Need...

This is a song Dustin recorded earlier in the year. A friend of his, Br. Tom Avans, wrote it. Dustin is singing lead and Br. Darrell Avans, Br. Rusty Walls, and Br. Corey Foreman are singing with him. Those friends plus Br. Rick Holman were also the musicians.

I thought a friend of the family wrote the words to describe it best. She wrote, "Knowing that God put this song on Bro Tom Avans heart to be written and then sung by Dustin before the accident, to be a "Help in the time of need" for him, Melissa, the family, and all the friends who are praying for Kensley now...well, it shows that He has been right there...right with them...long before this trial began."

This video has been on Kensley's facebook page for a few days but I realized today that there are people looking at this page that may not have had the opportunity to see it yet.

Please keep praying for our baby!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Updates

Hi all - not too much to report this weekend. Kensley has a very aggressive therapy routine right now, and she rests in between. She had a great birthday!!! From what I hear, her room was FILLED with balloons and gifts!! I can't wait to hear how many cards she got :) I am trying to get a video posted - hopefully soon!!! Here are some pics of the birthday girl!
Please continue to pray - they are going to try to decrease the meds tomorrow if her body can tolerate it. Please pray for peace during this transition and rest for the family.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amazing Support and Request for Prayer

The support for Praying for Kensley is overwhelming! This blog has over 15,000 hits and her FB page has over 7,000 members! Today WHNT posted an update on her story and challenged the community to send Kensley birthday cards for her birthday tomorrow. Can you believe that?? With all the news everyday, our community is still holding our Princess in their thoughts and prayers! Here is the link:,0,7273416.story

PLEASE PRAY! There is a lot going on right now for the entire family. The transport was not easy on anyone. Kensley is in a transition right now coming off the sedation medication that was expected, but still tough to endure. The side effects are pretty rough. The team at UAB is also running their own tests to verify her condition and plot her course of treatment. Children's Hospital is one of the best, but they are all business!! I think the change from Sacred Heart where the main goal was to keep everyone comfortable to Children's where recovery is the goal is quite a transition for all. Therapy is hard, and filled with twists and turns. The family is very worn and weary, and all the new information and conditions is overwhelming at times. PLEASE PRAY for God's comfort and peace for all. I know we have been saying that, but now is the time to beg the Lord for His peace and comfort for the family. Some of the tests are coming back positive, and some news is not what we want to hear. The bottom line - WE KNOW A MAN WHO CAN CHANGE THIS SITUATION! Please also pray for Konnor. He is back home, and it is very hard on him to be away from his family.

The battle isn't over - we've just started to fight!

Pray without ceasing!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birmingham Arrival and Birthday Wishes

They have made it safely and are settled in Birmingham Children's Hospital. Kensley is having a rough time right now - pray that the Lord will calm her and allow Dustin and Melissa peace so they can rest. The side effects of the medications are very rough right now.

The address where you can send cards is:

Children's Hospital

1600 7th Avenue

Room 421

Birmingham, AL 35233

Please pray that God will continue to provide comfort and peace as Kensley continues to fight through the sedation. Hopefully this will be the worst of this part of the storm and she will be more alert as time goes on.

SPECIAL NOTE - Kensley's sixth birthday is Friday. I know it is late notice, but let's see how many birthday cards we can flood her mailbox with so she can see them when she is able. What a great birthday present to wake up and smile at Dustin and Melissa on Friday - it COULD happen! OUR GOD IS ABLE!!

Please continue to pray!! The road appears long to the family and friends who are walking it, but we know a man who can change that!


Great News!

We have great news today! Melissa called and said the plan is to leave the hospital in Florida at 12:00 today to transport Kensley to UAB! It is a four hour ambulance ride. Please pray for a safe and smooth move! We are sooo excited to get her closer!

Here is a new picture. Dustin sent it and said she was NOT happy that they sat her up! That attitude is fixing to shine through!! :)
Keep praying!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Updates

Hey guys! So sorry the updates have been slow today. I've been away from the computer.

Kensley was moved to a different type of room yesterday - still in PICU, but not a trauma room. She started running a fever this morning, and after tests, they determined that she has a small case of pneumonia. This is typical for someone who has been on a vent, but prayers are still needed that her little body can fight this off. As of tonight, they were able to keep the fever around 99, so that is good news. During her respiratory therapy, she had a coughing spell and got a lot out, so that is a good sign!

She is still not fully awake. The nurses have explained that this is very normal. They have to back off of her medication slowly to prevent her from having withdrawals. Melissa did say that she was responding more to touch today.

Everything is still on track for a transfer to UAB sometime this week - maybe Wednesday!! I know they will love being closer home, and we will all love it as well. The staff at Sacred Heart have done such an awesome job taking care of her, but I know they are also looking forward to the advanced procedures that UAB Children's Hospital is capable of.

PLEASE keep praying - the road ahead is still long, but God has brought all of them safely thus far. We have HIS promises to believe He will not leave without finishing the job :)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kandles for Kensley

Several friends have gotten together and created this Kandles for Kensley fundraiser. Check out the flyer! 50% of the cost will go toward the Praying for Kensley fund. If you would like more information, contact Tonya or Brittney at

Saturday, October 17, 2009


What a day for Miss Kensley! We are now home, but when we left the hospital, Kensley was resting. She had gotten a little feisty this afternoon, and they gave her a little medicine to relax. She had opened her eyes and looked around and kicked her legs! She has no ventilator and no drains in her head anymore! She is breathing very well, and is making great improvement. Of course, Dustin and Melissa are still longing for that moment when she looks around and has enough focus to recognize and communicate, but all in God's time!!

A close friend of the family told Melissa this week that as he was praying before he drove down to visit, God let him know that he had sent the angels to watch over Kensley. She was telling me this while the two of us were whispering over Kensley and holding her hands. I'm telling you I almost looked around expecting to see the angels the feeling was so strong. All day I could picture angels encamping around her protecting her until God was finished touching her little body.

About an hour after we left, Dustin sent me this picture. Have you ever seen a cell phone pick up these kind of details?? I haven't. Here's proof of those angels :)

Continue to pray for the peace and comfort as God finished His work! Also remember all of those who are travelling back and forth and the family - they are exhausted!!


Check Out Miss Kens!

No Tubes - No vent!! Mommy got to hold!!! PTL!

Keep praying - the sedation is turned down. I know the family is anxiously waiting - the Lord knows all :)
Also, a couple of her teeth came out with the ventilator and the Tooth Fairy came :) (The nurses in the back all chipped in and made a Tooth Fairy present :))


All of Kensley's tubes and ventilator are out!!!!! Dustin and Melissa are in now, so there will be more soon. Hopefully I, can send a picture of some pretty green eyes very soon!

I got to see her this morning. There is such a sweet, peaceful feeling. I told someone I'm pretty sure I saw angels camping around her bed :)

Keep praying for peace and comfort for all. Dustin is still VERY sore. The Lord is carrying them on your prayers. Melissa told me today that she can't imagine what she would be like without feeling the comfort of the Lord and the power of all of your prayers. Please keep praying!! Wonderful things are happening, but the road could still be long. God is mighty and it is His good pleasure to heal her - we are LOOKING for it!!

Pray without ceasing!!



I am in Pensacola this morning. We are on our way to the hospital now, and I can't wait to give a family a big hug. I will try to give a group hug from the hundreds of you who have contacted me and asked me to send your best wishes and prayers!

Please pray this morning! There is some talk of taking the ventilator and drain out today. This would be a huge step!! Of course we want the Lord's perfect timing for Kensley's healing, but how great would it be to see less tubes and, hopefully, some pretty green eyes and a smile :)

Updates to come!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Facebook | UPDATE - Friday, September 16 - 3:30 PM

Sorry I've gone all day without posting the updates!

Kensley is doing awesome!!! The ventilator is turned down to zero and there is lots of talk of taking her off very soon and removing the drain. Of course the doctors are being cautious and want to wait until the right time! She is still moving around some.

We are on are way down to see them in just a bit. There is still talk of a transfer to Birmingham next week. Also, the doctor has warned against lots of crowds because of over-stimulation and germs. I think they are starting to realize the ENORMOUS numbers of people who love her and are praying for her!

I hope to have new information when we get there, and maybe a new picture of the diva! Maybe we'll get to see those pretty green eyes soon! Please pray for those travelling this weekend.

There is a video from the hospital on my FB site. I can't seem to get it over to the blog, but if you will friend me, you can see it :)

Pray without ceasing - love to all!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mid-Day Update!!!

More good news! Marty got an update from Dustin saying that they are clamping the drain in Kensley's head and that she is moving around some, including her head and opening her right eye. She's breathing over the vent; and the doctor says that if she continues to improve, she might be able to be transferred to UAB as early as the middle of next week!
Birmingham isn't home; but it sure is a LOT closer!!!
Keep praying!!

Morning Updates

From Marty - Morning update: Kens did well through-out the night. Still not fully awake, doing some squirming though! Pressures are still good. May try to take the vent off today.

Pray Pray Pray!!

I will be away from my computer today, but I will try to update from my phone - yikes - hope it works!!

Looking for great things!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tonight's Update

Today has been a much awaited for day in Pensacola! Kensley improved enough that the doctors turned her sedation down to 0! Around 10:00 this morning, they started watching for signs of her waking up. The doctors have warned that it could take an extended period of time for the sedation to wear off. Today, she has moved her arms and legs, blinked, opened one eye, and is struggling to get some of the junk out of her lungs. The medical staff seems pleased and is waiting anxiously to see what happens next!

As you can imagine, nerves have been on edge with the family and the thousands of us watching for updates every 5 minutes :) PLEASE continue to pray! Pray for God's comforting, calming spirit to be with Kensley as she continues to wake up. Please also pray for the family who so badly want to see their baby open her eyes and talk to them. Our God works miracles - we are waiting anxiously to witness this one!! (Now if we just had a webcam in Pensacola :))

Hopefully more good news to post in the morning!

Pray without ceasing!!



Per Melia - Marty just talked to Mom - she has blinked her eyes and moved her legs. Breathing above the vent 7%. 

"It sure looks like a beautiful day...."

PRAY for God to send continued comfort and calm to Kensley as she awakens and for the family as they wait for their baby girl to open her eyes!



Great news on two separate fronts!
  1. Kensley's pressure is down!!!! They are about to try to wake her up! PRAY for a smooth process. Sleeping Beauty awakens :)
  2. The AWESOME support of family, friends, and people who don't know, but love and support, this family is beyond words! I speak for the family in saying your generous support is humbling and appreciated at the same time. May God RICHLY bless each of you for your love! We can only hope that this support will continue for the days to come as the family continues to help Kensley recover. Please know that this is not only for Dustin and Melissa, but the many extended family that are there to support them emotionally and physically during this time.


A gown - yeah!

Check out Miss Kensley's gown! Last night they were able to put a little gown on Kensley. Baby steps, but steps in the right direction!! We are SO thankful for everyone's prayers. They are obviously the reason the numbers are stable and some of her feisty DQ (Drama Queen :)) actions are starting to shine through again! I'm sure Miss Kens will want a princess gown when she wakes up, and I'm sure there will be MANY in line to get her whatever she wants!!

Pray without ceasing - love to all!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 13 - Updates

8:45 AM - Just talked to Marty - all of Kensley's numbers were stable through the night! Praying for another great day!!

9:46 AM - Just talked to Melissa and she was in the room with Kensley. And her pressure was down to 1, which is GREAT. They tried to do respiratory therapy, and did not tolerate that very well, but that is a little rough on anyone. So Melissa and Dustin seem to be pleased with the progress this morning.They are cutting back on the saline and said she looks good today!

7:36 PM - They were doing a chest therapy and Kensley kicked both legs out twice!! Also they put a little gown on her too. Dustin just came out and and told us all of this and he was happy!

Pray without ceasing!!!



Marty and I spoke this morning and decided that updates will be posted on the blog nightly with that day's events unless something urgent warrants an immediate post. If you want more frequent updates, please click on the Facebook link at the top of the blog and join the Praying for Kensley page on there.

Shannon Byrd and I have laughed at our "titles" over the last couple of days. He has named himself the "Vice Assistant Self Appointed Chairperson of the Praying for Kensley Foundation". HA! I guess I will be the "Second Vice Assistant in Charge of Public Relations and Technical Support of the Praying for Kensley Foundation". All of us report to "Queen Sissy" aka - Marty who is in constant contact with THE QUEEN - Suzie and Mommy Mo - Melissa.

All of this to say - we LOVE this family and just want to do everything we can to help!!!

Pray without ceasing - love to all!


WHNT News Story

WHNT in Huntsville did a great news story about Kensley :)


Monday, October 12, 2009

How YOU can help!


As we all sit 400 miles away from Dustin and Melissa and sweet Kensley, I know there is so much we would all love to do to help. For those of us who know and love this family, you would be hard pressed to find another family who have helped those around them more than the Kellys. Dustin has sung at more singings, funerals, and weddings than anyone can count, and Melissa has been there supporting him all along. They have done so much to help so many. Now is our chance to help them. I know they would rather be anywhere than where they are right now watching their baby girl fight for survival. More than that, they would much rather be on the giving end than the receiving end.

Reality is that they are facing an extended period in Florida. This will accumulate extensive living and travelling expenses, not to mention the loss of work wages during this time. An account has been set up at Redstone Federal Credit Union in the name "Praying for Kensley". We have also placed a button on the side of this site where you can donate to that fund through PayPal. (Please note - Paypal does charge minimal fees for this service)

Please pray and be led by God. Above all, join us in praying and believing in the miracles that we all know our God can provide!!

Love to all,

Stephanie Thorson


We have numerous people asking for the address of where to send cards for Kensley. It is:

Sacred Heart Children's Hospital
PICU #390, Kensley Kelly
5151 N. Ninth Avenue
Pensacola, Florida 32504

Our Kensley...

We know that all of the people that are reading about our baby do not really know our Kensley. We wanted to add some details so that you can know her personally. You may have never seen her in person, but we want to tell you about her...her personality, her attitude, her likes and dislikes.

Kensley is gorgeous, that's evident by her pictures that have been posted in different places. She was gorgeous before, and she is gorgeous now, even with no hair, which, by the way, is NOT going to make her happy!!! :) To see her right now, lying in her PICU bed, with machines and tubes around, her little face remains unscratched, unbruised and just as beautiful as before.

Kensley will fight through this. For those of you that know her, you already know this. Her personality and attitude will prevail. Our family has a nickname for's "DQ". Those two letters sum up her entire being. It stands for DRAMA QUEEN. She trumps all royalty. And she is well aware of it. The world belongs to Kensley and we are merely her servants. lol. And obviously we don't mind - because we tend to bend to her beck and call. She is a sweetheart....on her own terms. She is loving and precious and funny and brilliantly smart. But if you walk in, and she has THAT look....DO.NOT.GO.NEAR!! haha. But seriously, just don't go near! :) Don't try to hug on her during those will hear...."STOP"!! But five minutes later, she'll probably be piled up in your lap.

She has been reading since she was four years old. Not "beginning" reading, but READING READING. Her Pre-K teacher told Dustin and Melissa that she frequently let Kensley read her class books instead of her doing it. I'm sure the "DQness" meter was high on those days and we were only allowed to associate with her from afar!! I can just see her now, she has this whole princess aire about her and she "flips" her hair with her makes me smile to think about it, and on those high "DQness" days, I'm sure the flip was being thrown frequently. And if I had to guess, the princess wave was present also. Anyway, her teacher told Dust and Mo that she was worried about her job, she thought Kensley was going to try to take it.

I hear from those who were in Disneyworld with her that she has even picked up another was "WHINEese". The princess was not fond of walking quite that much, HELLOOOOO...royalty should NEVER be allowed to walk and sweat!! :)

As you can tell, Kens has a massive support group. Just here in this waiting room in Pensacola, at least six hours from home, is her parents and brother, two sets of grandparents, a great grandparent, 5 great-uncles have been here, two uncles and two aunts are here, along with three first cousins and numerous numerous other friends and family. She is loved, tremendously. We want her well. We want to be her servants. We want to hear more whinese. We want to see her hand go up, meaning, "back up, you're in my space." We want to hear and see more Hannah Montana impersonations. We want to see her back in her pink princess bedroom, in her long blue jean skirts that she loves. And to hear her sweet little voice singing her favorite song, "Beautiful Day" by the Wright Family. And we are LOOKING FOR THAT SOON. We are encouraged and we are excited. This time, that strong will and over the top attitude that sometimes gets her in exactly what is going to pull her through!

The accident....

I know everyone is probably already aware but to recap:

Dustin, Melissa, Konnor and Kensley were travelling on Wednesday, October 7th from Disneyworld to Gulf Shores where they were going to stay until the weekend. At approximately 4:50 p.m. on Interstate 10, near Holt, Florida the car hydroplaned, hit a concrete culvert and flipped one and one-half times and landed upside down in the median. Dustin and Melissa were trapped in the car and had to be cut out. Konnor and Kensley were ejected from the car. The state troopers stated that numerous people stopped and rushed to them to try to help. Three fire departments were dispatched to the scene. Fortunately, a nurse was right behind them and stopped. She rushed to Kensley's side and worked with her and stayed with her until the medics arrived. Konnor has been telling us about the people that came and stayed with him until they put him in the ambulance and about the paramedics in the ambulance, "David" and "Kenneth" who in his words, "took very good care of me and were very nice to me." Kensley was air transported from the scene first, Konnor was transported by ambulance next, Dustin was air transported and Melissa was transported by ambulance, all to Sacred Heart Trauma Hospital in Pensacola, Florida, around sixty miles from the scene.

Dustin, Melissa and Konnor were admitted to the hospital and released the next day. All are banged up and bruised and cut but are okay. Kensley is in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. She has a traumatic brain injury and has had surgery to try to stop a bleed.

Also, the latest updates are being broadcast on facebook. There is a "Praying for Kensley" page that has been set up and Kylee Rogers is updating numerous times a day. We know not everyone has a facebook page but for us, that is the easiest and fastest way to update. If we are away from the laptop we can update via phone. If you already have a facebook page or want to get one, you can try this link: or go to facebook and search for Kylee Rogers and send her a friend request.


Please continue to pray!!!!!