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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Help in the Time of Need...

This is a song Dustin recorded earlier in the year. A friend of his, Br. Tom Avans, wrote it. Dustin is singing lead and Br. Darrell Avans, Br. Rusty Walls, and Br. Corey Foreman are singing with him. Those friends plus Br. Rick Holman were also the musicians.

I thought a friend of the family wrote the words to describe it best. She wrote, "Knowing that God put this song on Bro Tom Avans heart to be written and then sung by Dustin before the accident, to be a "Help in the time of need" for him, Melissa, the family, and all the friends who are praying for Kensley now...well, it shows that He has been right there...right with them...long before this trial began."

This video has been on Kensley's facebook page for a few days but I realized today that there are people looking at this page that may not have had the opportunity to see it yet.

Please keep praying for our baby!


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