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Saturday, October 17, 2009


All of Kensley's tubes and ventilator are out!!!!! Dustin and Melissa are in now, so there will be more soon. Hopefully I, can send a picture of some pretty green eyes very soon!

I got to see her this morning. There is such a sweet, peaceful feeling. I told someone I'm pretty sure I saw angels camping around her bed :)

Keep praying for peace and comfort for all. Dustin is still VERY sore. The Lord is carrying them on your prayers. Melissa told me today that she can't imagine what she would be like without feeling the comfort of the Lord and the power of all of your prayers. Please keep praying!! Wonderful things are happening, but the road could still be long. God is mighty and it is His good pleasure to heal her - we are LOOKING for it!!

Pray without ceasing!!


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