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Monday, October 12, 2009

How YOU can help!


As we all sit 400 miles away from Dustin and Melissa and sweet Kensley, I know there is so much we would all love to do to help. For those of us who know and love this family, you would be hard pressed to find another family who have helped those around them more than the Kellys. Dustin has sung at more singings, funerals, and weddings than anyone can count, and Melissa has been there supporting him all along. They have done so much to help so many. Now is our chance to help them. I know they would rather be anywhere than where they are right now watching their baby girl fight for survival. More than that, they would much rather be on the giving end than the receiving end.

Reality is that they are facing an extended period in Florida. This will accumulate extensive living and travelling expenses, not to mention the loss of work wages during this time. An account has been set up at Redstone Federal Credit Union in the name "Praying for Kensley". We have also placed a button on the side of this site where you can donate to that fund through PayPal. (Please note - Paypal does charge minimal fees for this service)

Please pray and be led by God. Above all, join us in praying and believing in the miracles that we all know our God can provide!!

Love to all,

Stephanie Thorson

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