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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 13 - Updates

8:45 AM - Just talked to Marty - all of Kensley's numbers were stable through the night! Praying for another great day!!

9:46 AM - Just talked to Melissa and she was in the room with Kensley. And her pressure was down to 1, which is GREAT. They tried to do respiratory therapy, and did not tolerate that very well, but that is a little rough on anyone. So Melissa and Dustin seem to be pleased with the progress this morning.They are cutting back on the saline and said she looks good today!

7:36 PM - They were doing a chest therapy and Kensley kicked both legs out twice!! Also they put a little gown on her too. Dustin just came out and and told us all of this and he was happy!

Pray without ceasing!!!

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