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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Check Out Miss Kens!

No Tubes - No vent!! Mommy got to hold!!! PTL!

Keep praying - the sedation is turned down. I know the family is anxiously waiting - the Lord knows all :)
Also, a couple of her teeth came out with the ventilator and the Tooth Fairy came :) (The nurses in the back all chipped in and made a Tooth Fairy present :))


  1. I am tearing up, seeing Melissa hold Kensley! What a BEAUTIFUL picture. Praise our sweet Lord!

  2. Kensley looks so much better without the tubes,I know Mommy was thrilled to hold her!
    Thank the Lord!
    Hope Jack and Suzie are doing OK.
    Still praying for you all
    Gail Holland

  3. Oh lord she looks so much better,, made tears in my eyes.. thank the Lord and everyone who has prayed for Kensley and the family

  4. o wow, she looks so much better, she is taking steps in the right directions, i believe that she will get better soon