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Friday, October 16, 2009

Facebook | UPDATE - Friday, September 16 - 3:30 PM

Sorry I've gone all day without posting the updates!

Kensley is doing awesome!!! The ventilator is turned down to zero and there is lots of talk of taking her off very soon and removing the drain. Of course the doctors are being cautious and want to wait until the right time! She is still moving around some.

We are on are way down to see them in just a bit. There is still talk of a transfer to Birmingham next week. Also, the doctor has warned against lots of crowds because of over-stimulation and germs. I think they are starting to realize the ENORMOUS numbers of people who love her and are praying for her!

I hope to have new information when we get there, and maybe a new picture of the diva! Maybe we'll get to see those pretty green eyes soon! Please pray for those travelling this weekend.

There is a video from the hospital on my FB site. I can't seem to get it over to the blog, but if you will friend me, you can see it :)

Pray without ceasing - love to all!


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  1. Steph did you try sharing the video on the FB Praying for Kensley page?