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Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Kensley...

We know that all of the people that are reading about our baby do not really know our Kensley. We wanted to add some details so that you can know her personally. You may have never seen her in person, but we want to tell you about her...her personality, her attitude, her likes and dislikes.

Kensley is gorgeous, that's evident by her pictures that have been posted in different places. She was gorgeous before, and she is gorgeous now, even with no hair, which, by the way, is NOT going to make her happy!!! :) To see her right now, lying in her PICU bed, with machines and tubes around, her little face remains unscratched, unbruised and just as beautiful as before.

Kensley will fight through this. For those of you that know her, you already know this. Her personality and attitude will prevail. Our family has a nickname for's "DQ". Those two letters sum up her entire being. It stands for DRAMA QUEEN. She trumps all royalty. And she is well aware of it. The world belongs to Kensley and we are merely her servants. lol. And obviously we don't mind - because we tend to bend to her beck and call. She is a sweetheart....on her own terms. She is loving and precious and funny and brilliantly smart. But if you walk in, and she has THAT look....DO.NOT.GO.NEAR!! haha. But seriously, just don't go near! :) Don't try to hug on her during those will hear...."STOP"!! But five minutes later, she'll probably be piled up in your lap.

She has been reading since she was four years old. Not "beginning" reading, but READING READING. Her Pre-K teacher told Dustin and Melissa that she frequently let Kensley read her class books instead of her doing it. I'm sure the "DQness" meter was high on those days and we were only allowed to associate with her from afar!! I can just see her now, she has this whole princess aire about her and she "flips" her hair with her makes me smile to think about it, and on those high "DQness" days, I'm sure the flip was being thrown frequently. And if I had to guess, the princess wave was present also. Anyway, her teacher told Dust and Mo that she was worried about her job, she thought Kensley was going to try to take it.

I hear from those who were in Disneyworld with her that she has even picked up another was "WHINEese". The princess was not fond of walking quite that much, HELLOOOOO...royalty should NEVER be allowed to walk and sweat!! :)

As you can tell, Kens has a massive support group. Just here in this waiting room in Pensacola, at least six hours from home, is her parents and brother, two sets of grandparents, a great grandparent, 5 great-uncles have been here, two uncles and two aunts are here, along with three first cousins and numerous numerous other friends and family. She is loved, tremendously. We want her well. We want to be her servants. We want to hear more whinese. We want to see her hand go up, meaning, "back up, you're in my space." We want to hear and see more Hannah Montana impersonations. We want to see her back in her pink princess bedroom, in her long blue jean skirts that she loves. And to hear her sweet little voice singing her favorite song, "Beautiful Day" by the Wright Family. And we are LOOKING FOR THAT SOON. We are encouraged and we are excited. This time, that strong will and over the top attitude that sometimes gets her in exactly what is going to pull her through!

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