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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birmingham Arrival and Birthday Wishes

They have made it safely and are settled in Birmingham Children's Hospital. Kensley is having a rough time right now - pray that the Lord will calm her and allow Dustin and Melissa peace so they can rest. The side effects of the medications are very rough right now.

The address where you can send cards is:

Children's Hospital

1600 7th Avenue

Room 421

Birmingham, AL 35233

Please pray that God will continue to provide comfort and peace as Kensley continues to fight through the sedation. Hopefully this will be the worst of this part of the storm and she will be more alert as time goes on.

SPECIAL NOTE - Kensley's sixth birthday is Friday. I know it is late notice, but let's see how many birthday cards we can flood her mailbox with so she can see them when she is able. What a great birthday present to wake up and smile at Dustin and Melissa on Friday - it COULD happen! OUR GOD IS ABLE!!

Please continue to pray!! The road appears long to the family and friends who are walking it, but we know a man who can change that!


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