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Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Updates

Hey guys! So sorry the updates have been slow today. I've been away from the computer.

Kensley was moved to a different type of room yesterday - still in PICU, but not a trauma room. She started running a fever this morning, and after tests, they determined that she has a small case of pneumonia. This is typical for someone who has been on a vent, but prayers are still needed that her little body can fight this off. As of tonight, they were able to keep the fever around 99, so that is good news. During her respiratory therapy, she had a coughing spell and got a lot out, so that is a good sign!

She is still not fully awake. The nurses have explained that this is very normal. They have to back off of her medication slowly to prevent her from having withdrawals. Melissa did say that she was responding more to touch today.

Everything is still on track for a transfer to UAB sometime this week - maybe Wednesday!! I know they will love being closer home, and we will all love it as well. The staff at Sacred Heart have done such an awesome job taking care of her, but I know they are also looking forward to the advanced procedures that UAB Children's Hospital is capable of.

PLEASE keep praying - the road ahead is still long, but God has brought all of them safely thus far. We have HIS promises to believe He will not leave without finishing the job :)


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