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Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year!!

How is this for drama queen?!? ha! Kensley is decked out in accessories that Grandmother bought the girls for Christmas! They got a whole tote full of necklaces, bracelets, glasses and stick-on earrings! They put them on immediately! All Kensley really asked for from Santa was a babydoll...and she got her! She named her "Katie." Guess the "K's" are passing on down! For those that don't know, we have Kylee, Kade, Kamron, Keelie, Konnor and Kensley....yeah, we're close like
Kensley is starting off her new year well! She is opening her left eye much wider and her pupil has started moving more. She is moving her left arm and has recently started opening and using her left hand. The doctors were afraid she would not be able to "grasp" things with her hand and use it as well as before, however, she has been showing us how she can pick up books and things with that hand.....never underestimate the power of Kensley! :)

Kensley is still working with a homebound teacher. She has physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy weekly. Keeping her mom on the run! It's amazing at the improvements she is making. She looks more and more like herself daily. Her expressions, her body language, and the way she says things reminds us of the previous Kensley over and over.

Please continue to pray for her. She still isn't walking and is in a wheelchair, we would love to see her walk. Her short term memory still needs work. But we are sooo thankful for where she is right now! And we are looking for wonderful things with her in 2010!!

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