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Monday, November 23, 2009

Just an "after homecoming" update....

I know everyone is still wanting Kensley updates! Now that she is home they are few and far between aren't they?!? We'll TRY to do better! However, we ALL love to sit and talk and spend time with her! She is now a totally rotten, silly little girl! She gets funnier by the minute. Here are some highlights:

* She is now holding herself up great! When she got home Wednesday night she was still having some problems holding her back up and was even sliding down in her wheelchair. Today she is sitting up and even leaning up and over in her wheelchair and doing well!

* She went to eat lunch at school with Konnor on Friday and got to visit her class and her friends.

* We took a little field trip to the Delta Zeta craft show on Saturday....we were amazed at the people that stopped us and ask if that was Kensley!! She is a superstar and doesn't even realize it!! :)

* She went to church Saturday night. All of her little friends wore hats to church so they could make her feel comfortable! Sooooo cute!!

* She went to church Sunday night also. She was sitting on the bench between me and Melissa and leaned back on me. She kept leaning up and grabbing the bench in front of us. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "trying to stand up." So I told her to go for it. And she did. Then people started paying her to do real money, even a $5 dollar she kept doing it. She was raised

* Today she started her therapy here in town for the first time. They put her in a harness and let her walk. She was excited!!

She is still making awesome improvements daily! We are so proud of every little thing! We scream and clap and get excited over every move!! :)

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