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Monday, November 9, 2009

Kensley Speaks :)

This is from Sunday, November 8, after we had worn her out talking all morning! Today she is without the feeding tube and talking even more! God is good!!


  1. Hello. I just wanted to post how happy I am to hear that Kensley is awake and talking! I have been following her story since I found out at the school. (my son Konor is in Kindergarten also) Happy Tears and smiles all around! :)

    Sarah Kinley (Konor & Zilya Kinley's mom)

  2. YEAH, Kensley! We are so thankful for Kensley's words. God is great always! We are looking forward to more miracles in your lives!
    And, were those silly bands on her wrist? Even in the hospital a girl HAS to be fashionable!

  3. Amazing, the most precious little voice. We continue to pray! God is Good!
    The Hart Family
    Craig, Ashley, Mason and Mackenzie

  4. This has made my Day!! :) This is so Great to hear!!

  5. Awesome video!!! What an answer to many prayers! Will continue and can't wait for more good news!