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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So thankful for this new friend!

Over the past month our family has talked so many times about how many people's lives have been touched because of Kensley. It's so amazing to look at her facebook page and see that she has a little under 9,000 members of her group. Wow. What more can you say? Just...WOW. Every person that has said one prayer for Kensley is our friend. We may never meet them, never really know them, but they are our friends. Because they too cared enough about our baby to ask God to help her. We are so truly blessed. We are so truly amazed. We can't even fathom how to repay what has been given. We can't say thank you enough for what everyone has done and the prayers that were prayed.

I do want to show this picture. Because we are thankful for this new friend. I have never even thought to ask how he found Kensley's facebook page. But he did. This gentleman was traveling with some friends to the Florida/LSU game at approximately 4:45 p.m. on I10, around Holt, Florida. He happened to be right behind Dustin and Melissa at the time of the wreck. He has since told me that that is something he never wants to experience again. When the accident happened, he and his friends took time out of their day to stop and help our family. How do you express how thankful you are for that? I can't come up with words.

He and I have emailed several times since the wreck, he has been so concerned over Kensley. His last email stated he was flying into Birmingham on business and would like to stop by the hospital if it was okay. Didn't take long to figure the answer to that one out! So today, he got to stop by and visit with Kensley, Dustin and Melissa. And of course, had to have a picture for our book!

So thankful for this new friend of our family!!

Oh...and I am assuming he is a big Florida fan, being from there and all....everyone has one flaw.....ROLL TIDE!!!! :)

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